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Whether its a one-night stopover after a long days hike or a base camp for a few days of fishing or relaxation in the mountain air, youve worked hard to get there and might as well enjoy it. Set high in the San Juan Mountains, this is the last developed camping area along US Hwy 550 aka the Million Dollar Highway and one of the best places to camp in Colorado by far. Weve also got more suggestions on what to pack for hiking in Colorado in our guide to the best hikes near Denver, and of course, a detailed camping packing guide! Colorado has several incredible natural attractions, including the Rocky Mountains, the Continental Divide, and the San Juan mountains, all of which make Colorado one of the most beautiful states in the United States. Make your way toward Estes Park on US-36 W. Continue on US-34 W/Trailridge Rd to Grand County. The campground is also located just under an hour away from Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. There are great lunch spots right on the lake and marina and several hiking trails to better take in the vistas. hammock posts, instead of trees, are a popular alternative at some parks. Elk Creek Campground is located on the north shore of the magnificent Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorados largest body of water. This is so helpful! In traditional hammocks, one sits comfortably in a beach bag or is shipped in a stuff bag since they are lightweight and compact. While perfect for tent camping, Elk Creek Campground is not a great option for hammock campers: trees are minimal here because the reservoir gets less than 12 inches of rain a year. However, as with all types of camping, it comes with dangers such as wild animals, poisonous plants, and fire safety. Great advice here that I pinned for later! Residing in Denver, one of the great microbrew capitals of America, it is her goal to try beer from every brewery in Colorado! But although this campground tends to be fairly busy, finding a spot is still possible. Also: if you are visiting from a lower-altitude and plan on going hiking, plan your first hike in a place with lots of shade to help keep you cool and avoid overheating. Driving off of these roads is prohibited. From the scorching Great Sand Dunes to the cool high alpine lakes, its essential to prepare for all kinds of weather. While you hopefully wont encounter a bear or mountain lion on your trip, it is still important to respect the rest of the wildlife. Among the pole bases and posts are wire telephone poles, and fence posts. Turn left (west) onto the Red Feather Lakes Road (County Road 74E) and travel approximately 22 miles. Because of the low center of gravity and the high fabric walls found on deep pockets, fall outs are quite rare. Take a look at our Contributor Guidelines and pitch us your idea! After each camping trip, its important to clean your hammock when you get back home to prevent any mold or mildew build-up whilst its stored away until your next trip. There are two lakes and a lily pond, as well as a large grassy area thats popular for volleyball in the summertime. The dog-friendly park is well equipped with 87 Required fields are marked *. Park entry does have a fee and may require a reservation check before you go. Yes, hammock camping is safe and many people successfully use their hammocks in the wild or at campsites each year with no trouble. (Remember: please do not feed or touch the wildlife!). July and August are great months for tent camping in Colorado. When purchasing your gear, pay attention to the weight and look for insulation that uses down filling instead of synthetic, this has a much better efficiency per gram. Hammock camping is allowed in campgrounds, too; reservations required. This year is no exception, with some great new sites in Colorado, including Tiger Mountain in Colorado Springs, North Fork in Evergreen, and the beautiful Berthoud Pass in the Colorado Rockies. These towns remain Colorados most-visited destinations to this day: after the silver rush faded to more of a dull gray, the states coffers relied instead on tourism, craft beer, and most recently weed. Pitch your tent at Pion Flats Campground to gain access to the Great Sand Dunes National Park, one of the great wonders of Colorado! For Special Event Locations (Camporees, Jamborees, Burning Man!) Traditionally, a backpacking trip will take you into the wilderness, where there is no running water or electricity, and a tent or a sleeping bag is the only option you have. Again, there is no knot tying as you pull the loop through the spliced choker to secure it in place. Today, 19 Native American tribes maintain active cultural affiliation to the Park and surrounding area. Talk about views!! Most valleys in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains have high alpine lakes, and these three large, shallow lakes are among the more scenic, with plenty of room to spread out and feel all alone, even if you have company, and tons of terrain to explore. The summer months are the best time to break out the hammock or find a nice spot to pitch a tent. Turn on S. Mineral Campground Rd. Zip open your These campgrounds look BEAUTIFUL! The campsite lies at an elevation of 9,200 feet. If youre a considerate person, then most of these should come naturally. Have a look around the site if the park has a hammock, and see if complaints come from the officials. where is the best place to hang a hammock? Which one of these camping spots in Colorado would you want to visit first? Two people sharing a hammock is a fast track to a sleepless night. He was a prominent negotiator and peacekeeper of the 1800s, signing two treaties with the U.S. government and preventing further bloodshed among Native Americans and settlers. I created HammockLiving as a way to connect with the outdoor community and hopefully inspire othersespecially womento get outside. However, keep in mind, they are wild and thus should not be interacted with or fed. There are campsites and an off-leash dog parkall overlooking the mountains in the distance. This campground has the added benefit of being close to two major Colorado cities (Denver and Colorado Springs), so its ideal for a quick weekend getaway! Take a look at some of our other posts: Hey, did you find this post informative? One of the most common questions that Im asked about hammock camping is where to store your gear. For some campgrounds, guests may not hang items like tinsel or sticks from trees due to rules about what campers may hang. However, I tend to prefer using separate kit because the built-in bug net leaves me feeling a little trapped as you cant sit upright. (Weve included some opportunities for nerding out about dinos near our campsite recommendations below.). If youre trying to adhere to being a lightweight backpacker as in the previous point, you can also try whoopie slings. So, weve teamed up with Lyndsie, a Colorado native who has lived and camped her whole life in this beautiful state, to create this list of the 8 best places to camp in Colorado, plus all the tips you need to plan a fun, safe camping trip! And as Colorado locals, Salida and Buena Vista are two or our favorite mountain towns to hike and play in! Tent camping is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors without the hassles of traditional camping. The Ledges Campgrounds sit below Wrights Mesa, approximately 40 minutes from Norwood and offer camping for tents and RVs along with direct river access. Can You Hammock At Cheesman Park? Save it for later on Pinterest! ''+i+dl;f.parentNode.insertBefore(j,f); Suddenly Colorado was the sexiest state in the nation since California, and the sudden influx of settlers led to you guessed it even more violence against Native Americans. Amazingly, the warm spring days are in the middle of the winter in Colorado. After soaking in the scene and spray from the waterfall, return to the trail, where the challenging section begins. Did you take them and what camera did you use? The dunes may not look that high but hiking them is quite the workout! Bring a hammock and take a break from the 1,122 feet of elevation gain. However, if you want something a bit more weather resistant and safe from any animals that might wander past in the night, here are a few suggestions: Ive put together a full guide to storing your gear whilst hammock camping with photos from my setup and tips on storing your boots too. To secure your hammock inside, between wood stud support beams on one wall or solid wood posts. 6. If you have a hammock with a spreader bar (such as the ENO Skylite), there are slightly different best practices because they have less natural sag and require a more taut setup. a bunch of research for you! One of those settlers, a rancher by the name W.E. Turquoise lakes sparking under brilliant green hills against sheer rock walls welcome you to South Mineral Campground. This tip might seem like its at odds with the previous tip but hear me out. Rope can be used. Whether youre a casual camper or a seasoned backcountry lover, there are limitless opportunities for camping spots in Colorado. Low key stalk us here and on social media. These are ordered with asymmetrical suitable for the lightest conditions and winter tarps for extreme conditions. "We somehow forgot the stakes for our tent at home but Don rescued ", "Plenty of space for multiple camp trailers, tents and RV's", "Best camp host I've ever met ever, hollah David! July and August are great months for tent camping in Colorado. I love detailed articles like this, but honestly I couldnt even focus on the article because of the sheer number of ads on your site. Camping Colorado Hiking The Southwest The West USA Camping USA Hiking USA National Parks. If you follow best practice safety advice along with the tips in this article for selecting a good spot, youll have no problems. Your email address will not be published. The hike: Turn right on the Rainbow Trail a short distance from the trailhead and then left on the Swift Creek Trail. If you install a hammock in the backyard or on a porch, keep it in place by hanging fabric or rope hammock so that its not able to slip off when you hang it. ", "Some sites don't have a tent pad which was way more rustic and great. Youre in Summit County but you feel far, far from the ski resorts, boutiques and posh condos. We loved amping near Great Sand Dunes at Zapata Falls. The advantages of investing in a hammock stand When you get one, the whole world becomes a hammock-friendly area. Colorado looks incredible. Following proper wildlife safety is a must: For more tips on how to prevent altercations with wild animals, check out this post by Uncover Colorado. WebWelcome to our primitive campground on the beautiful Blue River! Though its named after a Ute Indian sub-chief, theres evidence that humans lived in this area as far back as 10,000 years ago in fact, 5,000 acres of this recreation area are conserved as the Curecanti Archeological District and recognized on the National Register of Historic Places! what hardware do i need to hang a hammock? Its that time of the year when tent camping season kicks off, and Colorado offers some of the best spots in the country to do it. Layed with either tip #3 or #4 (the shallow slant), a deep sag lets you sit on the diagonal. So weve created a FREE, printable version of our Camping Essentials packing list! You can find this lifestyle in a number of different locations around the country, from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains and high in the mountains, where you can find year-round snow and cold weather. The Dillon Reservoir hands down has the best views since its surrounded by the Gore and Ten Mile mountain ranges. Many people who try a hammock for the first time dont realize that the correct way to lie in it is diagonally across it and not directly down the centerline. The best times of the day to pitch a tent are in the middle of the day, when the sun is still high in the sky above you, giving you the best chance at getting the most light throughout the night. Dillon Reservoir Okay, so this one technically isnt in Denver, but its worth the hour-ish drive west. My go-to hammock that I use for camping is my ENO. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The campsites are suitable for tents and hammocks, trailers, and boondocking RVs (there are no hookups). Signup today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. This trail then ambles gently across meadows with great views of the Sawatch Mountains, your destination. But whats the rush? Ive put together a full hammock camping gear checklist which is ideal for first-timers but Ill also talk about some of the equipment later in this article under tips 9, 10, and 11. can you use hammocks in colorado state parks? It does ban hammocks in a larger portion of western Colorado parks as well. Where to Store Your Gear and Boots When Hammock Camping [6, 11 Tips to Stay Warm in a Hammock [Year-Round], 11 Tips to Stay Dry in a Hammock During Rainy Weather, 7 Ways to Hang Your Hammock When Camping Without Trees, 6 Best Hammock Stands for Van or Car Camping, Sleeping Pads vs Underquilts: Which is Better for Hammock, 2. use a sleeping pad instead of an underquilt. Just sit and admire the view. can you hammock camp in florida state parks? The colors are vivid in the mountains, in the spring. Amenities Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rates: $51/$306/none # of RV Sites: 100 Full Hookups: Yes 30/50 Amp: Yes Back-In/Pull-Through Sites: Pull-Through The people here are very friendly Hi, Im Meredith. These straps are typically made from nylon and feature daisy chain loops. Angel of Shavano Campground is LOVELY! WebHammock camping in the campgrounds located within Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park should be relatively easy since many of the campgrounds have a lot of Today, we share down-to-earth travel tips from our many (mis)adventures on our blog and podcast! To get there: There are many ways to reach this site, but the quickest is from the Goose Creek Trail. Some sites are a lil on the sunnier side due to Colorados mountain pine beetle infestation hammock campers, take note. Ill also answer a few frequently asked questions at the end. The hammock octagon holds eight hammocks. Well also send our favorite travel tips straight to your inbox! Bring a boat to take advantage of the marina attached to the campground! This is a fantastic place to go for summertime fun on the water: the area is known for its mesas, narrow canyons, and reservoirs that almost resemble fjords. For a quieter campsite option nearby, we also recommend the first-come, first-served Kelly Flats Campground, located about 45 minutes away on the banks of the Cache La Poudre River. You must also release all trout except brown trout, and there is a limit of two fish over 14 inches. From picturesque scenery to rare wildlife sightings to countless hiking trails offering spectacular fall scenery, youll love camping along Kebler Pass. Hordes of climbers pass through this valley west of Buena Vista, their eyes set on 14,000-foot peaks Mount Harvard and Mount Columbia. can you hang hammocks on the national mall? If youre coming from lower elevation, be aware of the symptoms of altitude sickness, and drink much more water than you normally need to! Instead, it should hang at a 30 angle, like a smiley face. Take a look at some of our other posts to help you plan your trip: Get a Printable Packing Checklist! As far as Denver is concerned, hammocks are not allowed anywhere in most state parks in Colorado, including Boyd Lake, Eleven Mile, Golden Gate Canyon, Lory, North Sterling, Pearl Lake, Staunton, and Steamboat Lake.

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