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WebCity of Yonkers, NY Home Sitemap Contact. Beds. The pandemic has caused a great deal of hardship for our youth in many communities, and we know that Yonkers will greatly benefit from this grant., Special thanks to Attorney General James for recognizing the needs of Yonkers students, especially as we navigate the academic and financial impacts of remote learning, said City of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. Teachers in Yorktown, a rural northern community, are seeking salaries competitive with those in other school districts in Westchester, but they are also balking at class sizes in excess of 30 students in some cases, which Mr. Roden said was "more what you'd expect in a big city.". The recovery of this tax overpayment will ensure that they will get an electronic device., Children, whose families were displaced, by no fault of their own, suffer emotional stress that is extremely difficult to understand, said Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools. Cecily Bailey, a spokeswoman for the Governor's office, said Mr. Cuomo had "not impeded the bill in any way." "It's the most open contracts ever, the worst-ever situation of its kind in the region," he said. Benefits, *N/A indicates the issue was not addressed in scope of NCTQ reviewed documents. WebBuses/Late Buses/Field Trips, and Summer School for the 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 School Years; however, YPS reserves the right to award each transportation contract for a single school year. Copyright © 2012 - var currentTime = new Date();var year = currentTime.getFullYear();document.write(year); Schoolwires, Inc. / All rights reserved. Teacher Prep, The teachers, we employ on a contract for services, fall into two main categories. Teachers trained in the EEA who have QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and overseas trained teachers who have UK Naric Equivalence. All checks are completed as efficiently so that you can start working as soon as possible. Steve Lopez, president of Yonkers Board of Education.This additional funding will support the school districts ongoing work to provide devices and connectivity to our families in need.. Mr. Tice, the union leader for Yonkers teachers, said the Maintenance-of-Effort Bill could mean as much as an additional $5 million for the current education budget, which is now at $224 million, up from last year's budget of $211 million. Alan B. Lubin, executive vice president of the 350,000-member New York State United Teachers, reported that 350 of 800 school districts in the state, have outstanding contracts. The median teacher salary in Yonkers is currently $61,092, compared with the median overall for the county, which is $63,316. Click "Download Contract" to view the contract in PDF format. He said the union was worried that a wage freeze under consideration would push the median for teachers' salaries in Yonkers to one of the lowest levels in Westchester, which would be unacceptable to the union. Chapter News; Chapter Calendar; Dues Information; Health Benefits; Information Form; Newsletters; Retirement Plans; Adult Education. Each union is governed Student Teaching, Hiring and Assignment, This $150,000 provides much needed resources for Yonkers students during this critical time., Due to the diligent efforts of New York Attorney General Letitia James holding Microsoft accountable for overcharging Xbox users in our area, I am pleased that the Yonkers Public Schools will receive a grant to support homeless students,said Assemblymember Gary Pretlow. WebThe Contracts section allows users to search collective bargaining agreements between public employers and public employees, including teachers' unions, school superindents, police departments, fire departments, and public authorities. "Still, the big picture is that things are relatively quiet, even though there are these strains. Unit D includes full-time and part-time office secretarial employees, clerical (school) aides, computer technicians, AV technicians, excluding all managerial, confidential, and casual employees. 2022-2023 Contract for Excellence. Agreement Reached on Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Allowing for $30 Million in State Aid to Yonkers Schools. Dont skip the second table. As state budget negotiations continue, the Senate Majority is focused on significantly increasing school funding andensuring a three-year phase-in of full foundation aid, along withfree broadband access to every student and school., I would like to thank New York Attorney General Letitia James for her swift action with Microsoft, said Westchester County Executive George Latimer. I applaud the teachers union leadership for negotiating in good faith and agreeing to a contract that is fair to our teachers but also reflects the reality of our economic times and what our taxpayers can afford. Contract reforms saving taxpayer dollars include an uncapped contribution to healthcare for new hires and an increase in healthcare insurance costs for all teachers. The funds will provide assistive technology to students, including iPads, laptops, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. We Value Your Privacy Message to Albany: Yonkers is NOT Going Away! WebThe City of Yonkers and Yonkers Board of Education have combined, centralized procurement functions and the Purchasing Department is responsible for issuing all As a result of this agreement, Microsoft has implemented a new procedure for processing orders that addresses this particular issue and charges consumers the correct amount of sales tax. John D. Williams, a member of the board of directors of the Taypayers' Alliance, a statewide umbrella organization based in Westchester, said teachers should refrain from demanding more money during difficult economic times. She said the allegations that Mr. Cuomo was delaying signing the bill were unfounded, and it was simply a case of the State Legislature's failing to send the bill along. The error has resulted in tax increases for residents of as much as 16.5 percent, he said. YONKERS, NY December 28, 2016 Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada and Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) President Patricia Puleo today announced that all parties have signed a memorandum of agreement between the Yonkers Board of Education (BOE) and the YFT. Supply and Demand, But Mayor Terence Zaleski of Yonkers denied that the city was holding back state aid funds from the school district, and he said that the amount of money provided by the municipality at least matched and possibly exceeded what the Maintenance-of-Effort Bill would require. Copyright The funds will provide assistive technology to students, including iPads, laptops, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. The union provided interpreters for those parents. He said that more than half of the city's budget went to the Board of Education and that members of the school board needed to become better managers. Under the new agreement, YFT members also will see an increase in longevity stipends. Reform in workers compensation also has been agreed to which reduces paid compensation from 60 calendar days to 30 work days. Yonkers officials announced Wednesday that they have reached a labor deal with the teachers union, which rescues $30 million in state aid. Reginald F. Marra, Superintendent of Schools in Yonkers, said he had originally earmarked $2 million for teacher raises before the city cut his budget. WebNCTQ's Teacher Contract Database allows you to view data and analysis on collective bargaining agreements and school board policies for over 145 school districts -- from Teacher Diversity, The City evaluates all bids based upon compliance with all applicable laws, purchasing regulations, and bid specifications. The pandemic has hit our economically disadvantaged students particularly hard and this funding granted by the attorney general with support of Microsoft will help bridge the digital divide and put them back on the road to success., Thank you to Attorney General Letitia James for this innovative solution that helps support distance learning for some of the most vulnerable Yonkers students, said State Senator Shelley Mayer. Click on an item below to view and download documents that are supplied from Rochester City School District to gain more insight on the district. WebNews City of Yonkers, NY. To return to this Collective Bargaining Agreements page from any selected link, use the back button on your browser. Full-time. "Just look at the Fords and Chevys in their parking lot, compared to the sports cars in the students' lot," Mr. Cocoran said. I want to thank our dedicated teachers for their commitment to our children and their future, said Mayor Mike Spano. We are delivering $150,000 to support homeless youth in Yonkers and provide them with the necessary tools to secure the technology they need to continue to remote learn during these unprecedented times, said Attorney General James. All rights reserved. The new seven year contract retroactively yonkers board of education meeting By clicking "Accept" or by continuing in the site you consent to the use of cookies unless you have disabled them. $85,000 Last Sold Price. Schools Details: WebThe contract will be before the YFT membership for ratification next week when the staff returns from holiday recess. WITH mixed emotions in Mount Vernon earlier this month, 900 teachers returned to work after a one-day walkout, having agreed to an 8.5 percent salary increase over four years -- far less than they had hoped for. Stabilizing the school district, as well as the community, by settling all of our bargaining unit agreements has been and will continue to be a priority of this Board. As a school parent myself, I understand the importance of a quality education and ensuring that all of our students are provided every resource to succeed. But taxpayer groups and city administrators were of a different mind. 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Rosado-Ciriello hopes the teachers union will get a new contract before Quezada leaves. Steve Lopez. The decision to assign a teacher specified under Article IV, Section B, shall be subject to the grievance procedure beginning with Level II. Grants like these help homeless families by offsetting schooling costs, especially during COVID 19, where access to technology is no longer a luxury, but both critical and sparse., This past year has shown the disparity between students who have remote learning capability and those who do not, said City of Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader. Meanwhile, union leaders have continued their push for raises to help teachers meet cost-of-living increases. NEW YORK New York Attorney General Letitia James today delivered $150,000 to the City of Yonkers Public Schools district to promote remote learning by homeless students. I look forward to seeing this money put to good use for the children of Yonkers., Attorney General James today presents the City of Yonkers Public Schools district with $150,000 to promote remote learning by homeless students. WebArticle 8C of the teachers' contract; Chapter Leader Hub; DOE Chapters. For example, a random look at some of the teacher contracts on the Empire Center website reveals that: The Indian River School District teachers union contract Citing the competing interests of taxpayers and teachers, Mr. Cocoran said, "We have lost many, many school budgets throughout the region, and unrest becomes very real when boards don't have money for the bargaining table.". To return to this Collective Bargaining Agreements page from any selected link, use the back button on your browser. Rosado-Ciriello hopes the teachers union will get a new contract before Quezada leaves. Unit E includes full-time and regular part-time cafeteria workers. We analyze collective bargaining agreements, evaluation handbooks, There are two tables below, as Yonkers has 12 columns based on education, and 19 rows based on experience. Yonkers, NY 10701 +1 location. To learn more about cookies, including how to disable them, view our Privacy and Cookie Policy. This is a digitized version of an article from The Timess print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. It would not allow the aid to be put in the city's general fund. Ruth Dworkin, a negotiator for the Yonkers Federation of Teachers, said Dr. Hornsby made changes unilaterally and violated the law by modifying the teachers' contract, which expired in June. Chapter Calendar; Attendance Teachers. **School district teacher count, enrollment, and demographic data is from the 2018-2019 school year, sourced from the National Center for Education Statistics. The median teacher salary in Yonkers is currently $61,092, compared with the median overall for the county, which is $63,316. Yonkers Public School District 3.8. In Yonkers four years ago, teachers struck for two days because their salaries were at the lowest level for the county, and Mr. Tice said the city was "hemorrhaging teachers to other districts." The bid will be awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, subject to the approval of the City of Yonkers Board of Contract and Supply. Hastings-on-Hudson has one of the lowest median teacher salaries in the county at $57,152, and Bedford has one of the highest at $71,503. In Yorktown, where the median salary for teachers is $62,260, Mr. Roden said his union had considered a strike but put the idea on hold recently while the Board of Education resolved a $1 million tax error on its books. Free viewers are required for some of the attached documents. One locality where sales tax overcharges occurred was Bronxville, New York, which shares a zip code with a small portion of Yonkers, New York where residents pay a higher sales tax rate.. WebBurlington Public Schools 123 Cambridge St., Burlington, MA 01803 Phone: 781-270-1800 Working with our school administrative teams and teachers we are ready to focus all efforts on improving teaching and learning through the implementation of the Districts 3 Year Strategic Plan. "Along with some conditions, the sticking point here is money," said John F. Roden, president of the 450-member Yorktown Congress of Teachers. The Westchester Regional Office is a part of the Division for Regional Affairs, which is led by Deputy Attorney General for Regional Affairs Jill Faber. Unit A includes full-time and regular part-time teachers, teacher specialists, English Language Learner teachers, adjustment and guidance counselors, psychologists, speech and language therapists, and media specialists in the elementary, middle, and high schools, board certified behavior analysts, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and school nurses. Larry Rubin, a communications specialist for the National Education Association in Washington, which represents 2.2 million employees in public education, said there have been far fewer teacher strikes in recent years, a time in which teachers and schools "were being called on to do a lot more.

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