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Two countries. The Best Nightlife. 

Nightlife is an important component of any city. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, exploring a city’s nightlife will allow you to experience everything a place has to offer. This is especially the case for cities like Barcelona and Tel Aviv.


By day Barcelona is a world-renowned coastal city with an extensive cultural and historic landscape. By night, Barcelona takes on a new shape, turning into a coveted nightlife destination. Barcelona’s many neighborhoods are teeming with bars and clubs, waiting to be explored. If you are looking for something a little more upscale, you can check out the website youbarcelona.com! YouBarcelona is the best for getting on VIP lists and reserving VIP tables. Their website showcases all the events they have to offer and there are so many it is so hard to choose from!

Tel Aviv

Similar to Barcelona, Tel Aviv is situated along the coast and is a city entrenched in culture and history. But, this does not stop Tel Aviv from being one of the party capitals of the Middle East. Barcelona exceeds Tel Aviv in area and population, but they compete on the same playing field when it comes to nightlife. Every pocket and corner of Tel Aviv has a bar or club to check out, but one of the best streets at night is Rothschild Boulevard. Rothschild is home to Zoo Zoo, Jimmy Who?, and HIVE, while Kulia Alma and Sputnik are located not very far from the main street. It’s hard to experience all of this in a short amount of time, so if you are looking to make the most of your time, joining a pub crawl could be your best bet!

Tel Aviv’s own Doing Tel Aviv Pub Crawl, or D-TLV as it is known colloquially, organizes pub crawls every weekend. The crawl includes four bars or clubs, four shots, and free VIP entry to every place. Many bars and clubs in Tel Aviv require a cover fee and you have to wait in long lines before entering. If you buy your ticket to a pub crawl, you skip all the annoying parts and go right to the best part: the party! You can also book private pub crawls if you would rather go in a smaller group, but the public crawls provide a unique social experience!